Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tom Vander Ark's blog at is busy ... Look at the following extracts:

With little or no bank credit and less venture investment, entrepreneurs have been hanging on for dear life. With no help from the feds, it's small business growth that will be largely responsible for lifting us out of the recession.

I get a steady stream of hate mail, the 'greedy bastard' file, for promoting education entrepreneurship. It's a different bargain than working for a school district and for some educators it's a good choice.

If you don't know about vander Ark, it's worth learning more:

Tom Vander Ark is a partner in Vander Ark/Ratcliff, an education public affairs firm, and a partner in a private equity fund focused on innovative learning tools and formats. He was the first business executive to serve as a public school superintendent and was the first Executive Director for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. See his daily blog at Contact him at


His term: Edu-entrepreneurs...

Another fledgling edu-entrepreneur is getting started in England: run by Will Sutherland is looking at a bold program to bring school reform to the UK.

I'm looking forward to seeing how vander Ark and Sutherland move ahead.

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