Sunday, September 8, 2013

Matt Blazek delivers a workshop about projects and inspects a timeline project in a Dance Class in Miami (5 Sept. 2013)

Matt Blazek visited two schools in Miami to deliver workshops about projects.

The following video shows a project in a dance class that Matt reviewed.

This timeline is based on the 
The History of Dance by Gayle Kassing

This the first of a series of five videos 
showing Matt's presentation.

Part 2  of Matt's talk

Part 3 of Matt's talk

Part 4 of Matt's talk

Part 5 of Matt's talk

For more information about Matt Blazek's CD of Projects, contact him at

You can see a review of his CD on youtube during a visit with Dr. Fischler in July 2011.

You can download his "Sample Projects" from

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Focus on Projects 2013 at a school in Florida: (a) Microsoft's software and recommendations by Lutz Lehmann help the math students learn independence; (b) Dennis Yuzenas and Matt Blazek bring projects that build autonomy and mastery

Dennis Yuzenas presented the following lecture at distance.

Matt Blazek adds these observations about the shortcomings of Common Core standards compared to the international standards (such as

For additional math tips, here's how to engage students in class -- show a camera and ask students to describe a video game.


Part 2

For more highlights from the Focus on Projects 2013 training day, please write to and contact

Dennis Yuzenas

Matt Blazek

Blazek describes the use of projects on a CD (leading to a digital portfolio)

Matt Blazek presents to President Emeritus Abraham Fischler (

Here is an example of a teacher in a classroom that was equipped based on advice from Lutz Lehmann (German technology-in-education consultant)

Jaime Torres in a Windows 8 touch-screen environment for more free EBOOKS and Posters

Please use your clicks

Fischler and Robert Runcie (Broward Superintendent)

Projects with Dennis Yuzenas

Books to engage a teacher... a discussion with Dennis Yuzenas

Scenes from a classroom for Dennis Yuzenas

Projects with Omar Vasile

Special thanks to RiverCities school for providing Doggie Day Care to Dizzie, Matt's pawtner, while Matt Blazek was presenting at Miami Arts Charter School.

Testimonial about The Big Picture (2004) Education is Everyone's Business

A visit to Dennis Yuzenas at Oxbridge Academy.   Why not take time to learn more about his website?    contact Dennis at

Quotes for teachers

Enrique Gonzalez  
Principal of Highland Park High School

Dennis Yuzenas and Mindsets (part 1)

Yuzenas Part 2  Mindsets

Dr. Fischler talks about the Transformation of Education