Sunday, October 10, 2010

Let's listen to some inspiring words recommended by students

I'm spending time at a "second chance" high school, where stduents can quickly earn credits and graduate. Lectures in schools can tend to bore people. Why not let them read the information and show what they have learned?

A new student looked borted wth his reading assignment and I asked, "Have you ever met an author?" I wanted to discuss "author's purpose" and get him to see that there are reasons why there are marks and symbols on the page. "Yes, I have. His name is Vic Woods and he's a motivational speaker."

That got me thinking about a quote by Dennis Littky. Education is less about what we teachers think shold be going into students. Education (e = "out," ducare = "to lead") is more about finding out what is inside the student and helping it to come out. The student told me about Vic Woods and his book... you can learn someting by watching these videos from


part 1
part 2 The power in Barack is in you.

Female Prison

Wes Hall

Wes Hall excerpts

Les Brown

Tom Wood and Les Brown

If you find a link that inspires you, send it to me

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