Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hazards of using Youtube accounts for "Fair EDUCATIONAL Use"

Warning to any educator who wants to be paid for views:  Be careful about what you think is "fair use."

a) reviews of other people's work
b) claiming that a portion of a TV show is USEFUL FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES.  ha...

a) reviews of other people's work
I found a helpful program on the web.  I pinted my camera at the website and started to describe what I saw on the site, including the site's videos that were samples for the public to view.  The owner of the site reported my youtube account as "using copyrighted material" and Youtube turned off the monetizing function.   Over 600 videos and when people look at the videos, i don't get credit for the advertising on the page.  The reviews I made, with a discussion about the website with a teacher in Brazil, were also removed from the channel, so I have lost those videos.

b) claiming that a portion of a TV show is USEFUL FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES.  ha...
I saw an excellent example of the lack of geographical awareness in a U.S. person, which comes in part from the parents' lack of interest in international events.  I pointed the camera at the screen and made some comments.   The owner of the copyrighted material reported my use, even though I posted the information as PRIVATE.  Amazing!   I put my 600 videos in jeopardy by posting one PRIVATE video.  I planned to use this video in classes and it was not going to get monetized.  I specifically did not monetize that video.  But because I had posted copyrighted material on a PRIVATE channel (only a few people could see it), I was therefore penalized.   

Communicating with anyone in Youtube's management is hardly possible.   The only option for review is to state that the material posted was not copyrighted.   Of course it is copyrighted, but there is no option for "educational purposes."  

It is sad when a teacher can't use materials on a platform like youtube.  LESSON LEARNED:  If I want to show my students a video, I need to download it and carry the video to the classroom or email it to the students.  The only thing I can put on youtube is something generated entirely on my own without any images.  I better not stand in front of Walt Disney world and talk about the shape of the Geodesic dome in teh background.  The owner of the building might claim I was using a copyrighted shape/image.

If anyone in Youtube management knows how to retrieve my monetizing abilities in my youtube account, the account's name is and I'd greatly appreciate some help.

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