Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dr. Daniel Amen's tips about "how to handle email" have helped me stay fccused

I found some useful info and I am sharing it with the hope that you will find it helpful.

I have been following D.r Amen's recommendations about the use of email for several years.

1.  I look at email only once or twice a day
2. I stay focused.  Before looking at my email, I write the priorities of my day.  
3. Then I look only for email that are related to my priorities of the day.
4.  I don't worry about responding to each piece of email.  Set aside a day once a week to deal with every other message that you receive.  
5.  I tell my new clients to send me a text if they want me to look at an email within 24 hours.     Generally it takes 72 hours for me to look at every email message.

I pass along this web page because I found it useful

Steve Math Teacher
Steve McCrea

Editor, Building More-Responsive Schools by Abraham S. Fischler, Ed.D.  

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