Sunday, September 8, 2013

Matt Blazek delivers a workshop about projects and inspects a timeline project in a Dance Class in Miami (5 Sept. 2013)

Matt Blazek visited two schools in Miami to deliver workshops about projects.

The following video shows a project in a dance class that Matt reviewed.

This timeline is based on the 
The History of Dance by Gayle Kassing

This the first of a series of five videos 
showing Matt's presentation.

Part 2  of Matt's talk

Part 3 of Matt's talk

Part 4 of Matt's talk

Part 5 of Matt's talk

For more information about Matt Blazek's CD of Projects, contact him at

You can see a review of his CD on youtube during a visit with Dr. Fischler in July 2011.

You can download his "Sample Projects" from

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