Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Here's a checklist of tools for you to learn for the future. SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS to students at European Leadership School www.ELSleaders.com

What are some of the tools that we need to get started on the Internet?

What tools help us with projects?

OpenOffice.org for a free suite of programs (so you don't have to pay for Microsoft Office)

Google Drive (free 15 Gigs with a gmail account) or One Drive (Sky Drive) for storing files

GIMP for photo manipulation (thanks to Ben Udy for showing me this link)

Linux if you want a free operating system

Google has free software, too.

http://www.freepdfconvert.com/   When you need a file converted.

Scribd.com to share a document with people

Twitter and Facebook and Tumblr and StumbleUpon

Flickr.com to share photos

Blogger to share stories and to create free blogs and quick (simple) websites

Sites Google for more complicated websites

Wordpress for more complicated blogs

... so, these are some of the tools that we use to share information.  You can see some of these items at work when you visit www.TransformTeaching.org and www.EveryoneIsHere.com (the alumni reunion website and free system to share)

Adsense is fun (for earning money with your YouTube account) and Youtube is helpful for sharing videos

Vimeo.com is for sharing videos and easier downloading

KeepVid.com to download videos from Youtube

VidToMp3.com will allow you to download mp3 audio files from Youtube videos.

Here are two other converters:
  1. YouTube to mp3 converter - free Youtube download video.


    YouTube to mp3 conversion done right. Easily use our youtube converter to change video into a downloadable mp3.
  2. www.youtube-mp3.org/

NOTE to students at ELS (www.Facebook.com/QBEELS)

Here are your instructions:

when the students get on board the QBE school of European Leadership www.ELSleaders.com, ask them if they can go to http://preview.tinyurl.com/QBESkills and become mentors to other people who need to learn these skills.

if they don't know the programs and tools, I am happy to be one of their one-on-one tutors.  

The typical lesson is for them to follow the following procedure

a)  visit the site associated with the skill, such as openoffice.org and drive.google.com

b)  describe the site and the features of the program.

c)  send the description to me at VisualAndActive@gmail.com

d) arrange to create a project using the skill or the web tool

e)  send the product of their skill to me (perhaps posting the tool product and sending me the link)

f)  put the item in their portfolio.

If they need feedback, they can leave a message on Skype  SteveEnglishTeacher.  Note:  Please put your name and contact info in the SUBJECT heading so that I can put a higher priority for your message.  Send duplicate messages to 9546468246@mymetropcs.com with "Please check your email" in the message.  VisualAndActive@gmail.com.  
If you want to text my mobile phone, please send to +1 954 646 8246

the students should aim to create at least one project with at least four of the tools mentioned in that list.

What does a portfolio look like?  Click HERE

Steve McCrea
Online Instructor for ELSLeaders.com
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