Thursday, July 21, 2011

Get these free books from -- easy to download as PDF files is my website. Please suggest interesting quotations to inspire teachers and students.

useful! These downloads come from classroom management that works Marzano

I also invite you to download my documents. Here's one of my favorites:

Suppose a person creates a book with plenty of versions:
a) lots of photos, color for scrolling online or in a PDF
b) lots of photos, grey for black and white printout
c) very few photos, mostly to reduce printing costs, with plenty of references
d) ready to photocopy with large formats for posting around the classroom.

Basically the same material but the formatting is different for the different uses. That's what allows since there is NOT a heavy cost for the first copy of the book. In some print-on-demand books, you get ONE chance to get the format correct, so it is very difficult to innovate as you create. But with, I can create a version that is pocket sized, then another with LARGE format pages ready to be photocopied. Same quotes, different size of type. One content, two or four different formats. Let me know your thoughts.

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