Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Robert Maclachlan's 10 ITDE principles for Most Teachers Almost Everywhere

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Learn the ten principles of effective use of media in the classroom (and in online classes).

Key quote: "No slacking -- don't lean on technology and skimp on preparation."

I agree. Have a backup plan, an email link in case the embedded video doesn't work, all the media on a DVD if there's no power in the classroom, on a flash drive (USB flash) to pass around to laptops. Can you give the lesson outside under a tree?

I found Robert MacLachman's youtube channel while completing at course in Nova Southeastern University's Distance Education program. Let's give Robert the exposure he deserves. 32 hits up to 27 July ... Let's get him to 1,000 before his video is one year old.

His channel has other videos, some with fewer than 100 hits. Distort the net and join me in "liking" this guy's work.

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