Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Even teachers ought to know about the parking Paul

What did Ringo, George and John know about PAWL?
How many times have you used your car's parking brake this year?  Two or three times?  
The answer should be: at least twice a day.  Come to a stop, with your right foot on the break and the car in drive, press the emergency brake so it holds the car, slide the shift into PARK, and pull your right foot off the brake.  Ahh.  Now the PAWL has no pressure.  The parking pawl locks the wheels and stops them from turning.  By using the emergency brake, you reduce the "wear and tear" on the parking pawl.  As columnist Jonathan Welsh writes, "Even the slightest incline puts pressure on the pawl."  (WSJ.com)   Get the news directly

The photo comes from my buddy Mario's view of a fabulous rooftop in his favorite capital city.  This place has little need for pawls because so few people own cars. But I intend to use the pawl if I ever get a car there.

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