Monday, April 23, 2012

Mentors On Video and the Role of Neighbors in the Community School

I am a high school teacher.  I look for "virtual mentors" for students.  What I see a student who is bored with school work or who wonders "How does this math connect with real life?"  I like to ask the student to contact a mentor ...  usually just by email.   The student then asks, "What 

I also have which is a way for you to interact with the world's teenagers.  You can say on camera what you find interesting about your work and how school did (or didn't) help you find your passion.   

Can you become a virtual volunteer?  Please!  Write to and learn more about the process -- you canask a teenager to visit your website and make recommendations for improving its appeal to younger people (you could have parallel sites set up for describing your services and industry to pre-teens and teenagers) and kids can click on your Facebook page, tweet about your site and increase your Klout. 

PHOTO:  Mr. Mario Llorente, a passionate principal, is a mentor to dozens of students.
The shirt "Palabra" is a project associated with Frida Kahlo High School, which Enrique Gonzalez coordinated.  Gonzalez is working with New Learning Institute to create effective relationships between schools and surrounding neighborhoods.   These neighbors are part of the social support network described in the report (38MB) downloadable at this LINK
Learn more by contacting

These two efforts are ways for us to encourage tomorrow's workers to apply themselves a bit more ...  their success will help our retirement!

If you would like to become a mentor on video, let me know.  You can see example videos at 

Our school needs mentors - YouTube


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