Friday, June 6, 2014

Follow Your Effort and you will find your bliss... Mark Cuban's advice

Go here.  Be a maverick.

Here's what started a flurry of comments from my mentors...


one of my mentors (Wes Green) commented:

So what's a passion? Along with certain particular vocations, I'd include making lots of money, however you can manage to do it, and the thrill/challenge of running your own company. Seen in that light, "passions" of one kind or another drive almost all entrepreneurial activity. And for a variety of different reasons, most small businesses eventually fail to be viable—including many small businesses founded by formerly successful entrepreneurs. That's just an unfortunate fact. So what's his point? That we should all be hunter gatherers?
Wes Green


From my mentor Noel

The statement and conclusion is too "simplistic" and is not constructive advice. People should follow their dream or passion but keeping in mind that desire alone will not guarantee a successful result.


My mentor Will Sutherland,, has these words:

I have seen this poster and these views expressed before.  It is like all things, if you go to far it does not work.

This is why I always say “What would you like to be selling?”  That has to be your passion!  You then have to become one of the best at it “Mastery” if you are really going to succeed.   -- Will


A comment on the Cuban piece.


From Mark Cuban:
click here

I also like these 14 points from a Forbes Magazine blogpost

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