Thursday, June 19, 2014

The SEED is coming to Miami... and I hope they hire my colleague Mario...

Here's the pitch letter I wrote to introduce the "transformation of education."


I saw the 60 Minutes report about THE SEED about four years ago.  I’ve been hoping that your organization would come to Miami.

I would love to work for you, but I am located in Broward.  I would like to become part of your fundraising advocates.  I am sending a check for $50 to get started.

I’d also like to make available the resources that a team of educators has assembled.   Free ebooks and training…

This email lists some of those resources.  I’m also going to send several ebooks in later email messages.

This is what a boarding school (and
any school) can be about...  LINK
How do we get more taxpayers to see
this video?
I am a graduate student at Nova Southeastern University.    I’m currently studying methods of learning and I’m an advocate of the transformation of schools.  I attended a boarding school and it changed how I viewed education.   I became a better student because I did not have the distractions of my home environment.  

I have taught at charter schools  … the core population of students in these schools need the emotional and social skills that an effectively operated boarding school can deliver.

(1) List of Projects
I like projects for the “integrated curriculum.”  Projects also require emotional intelligence and collaboration.  

Two mentors

Matt Blazek   (415) 990 3608
YOUTUBE link    Youtube video   

Dennis Yuzenas  (561) 358 6884
YOUTUBE link   “Dennis Yuzenas 9 minutes”

When you are looking for training of staff, you will get good results by contacting them.

(2) Digital Portfolios
High Tech High in California asks students to post their work.  “By their work you will know us.” shows an exemplary digital portfolio.  I used this student’s work to guide my short book about “how to make a DP.”   I attach that ebook.

I’d be happy to be an online mentor and volunteer to assist your school in using websites and blogs to allow students to safely post their work and build digital portfolios.  You can contact me at (954) 646 8246

LINK to a blog post
an article showing how I trained several students at a New Jersey school

(3)  Extraordinary Teacher:  Mario Llorente
I conclude this letter with a testimonial about Mario Llorente.  He has been my partner in compiling ebooks to explain procedures that transform classrooms.  He helped with my interviewing of Dr. Fischler to produce Fischler’s book of commentaries (to be sent separately).

Mario has an innate way of knowing how to gradually increase the student’s role in learning.  He pointed out to me that quotation that the purpose of education is "to gradually increase the student’s responsibility for his own learning."

I believe he is planning to take the Subject Area exam for English Literature and get the result next week.  I highly recommend his ability to get int he mind of a teenager and figure out how to develop inner motivations. His strength is ESOL and he is a talented advocate of Literature.   I hope you will consider him for the English language position.
(702) 689 1982
I hope you will contact Mario and suggest that he tour your school.

Thank you for taking time to read this far.  Good luck with your school and please call on me to assist in fundraising.  I’m very impressed with The SEED and I look forward to someday visiting your campus.

Steve McCrea
2314 Desota Drive
Fort Lauderdale FL 33301
(954) 646 8246  mobile

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