Monday, August 25, 2014

"Our Stories Matter" (a new book by Hans Hickler) can help students see that writing is a skill used throughout life.

Dan Pink has been writing for nearly a decade about the power of stories in advertising and persuasion.

I did a search on "the power of stories to persuade" and the list of articles confirms Pink's claim that stories often connect more than "facts."

A school mate Hans Hickler (a former CEO) sent me his book called Our Stories Matter.  These are 20 profiles of people whose "soulfulness impacted me and remained with me."

I recommend this book for classrooms.  I want to show students how adults take time to capture memories and share the stories that matter to us.  Hans has served educators by showing that adults other than writers and teachers (who both write for a living) can take time to capture thoughts and memories.  He took time to give value to his thoughts. 
The book was produced at McNally Jackson in New York.  

The process of writing a book takes time.  I like the phrase that Hans uses in the cover letter that he sent with the book.  He wrote that the book is part of his journey to create "the awareness that people need to lead with passion, strength and transparency."

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