Friday, January 8, 2010

January 6 and 7 The Breakfast Club at Sunland Elementary

January 6: the capital of the day was "Ottawa." The kids who went to north had a lot of fun finding this city.
Spanish word: Hasta la vista. Until the seeing (the next time I see you).
I brought in a book showing photos from space. The Earth looks interesting from up there. We looked at photos of Florida and we found Lake Okeechobee. We also used napkins to clean up messes on the table. It was fun to leave the table looking as good as we found it.
I arrived at 7:20 am

January 7: The capital: Nassau
Spanish: Libro. Tengo dos libros. I have two books.
I brought two letters that I needed to compile. I showed the kids how I work and create a presentation. It was a good idea because a lot of kids don't see adults working in a home office. It is useful, as Dr. Alison Gopnik (UC Berkeley) points out, for youngsters to watch adults make mistakes, confront obstacles and move ahead.

I also promised a student named J. that I would bring a photo (that I took on Tuesday 5 Jan.) and I hope he liked the photo. He said that he has a place in his house for keeping important things. I was later than usual, I arrived at 7:28 am.
I talked to kids about the SHUTTLE LAUNCH that will happen on 7 February. That's a Sunday and they can see the link to the shuttle at

Date: Feb. 7 + Sunday
Launch Time: 4:39 a.m. EST

Date: March 18 + Thursday
Launch Time: 4 p.m. EDT

Date: May 14 +
Launch Time: 2:28 p.m. EDT
(I wonder what the "+" sign means...)

I also recommended the Film Festival -- FREE FILMS -- at Cinema Paradiso at I hope the slips of paper that I gave four kids will get home.

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