Saturday, March 29, 2014

Jeff Hutt, School Entrepreneur, meets with Dr. Abraham S. Fischler to discuss school-start up issues

Here is a series of 12 videos, taken in November 2012

Jeff Hutt and Abraham S. Fischler... 

Jeff is an entrepreneur who founded a language school in the Bahamas.   Dr. Fischler is a former president of Nova University (1970-1992)
"Could distance learning courses at Harvard and MIT take away from advanced placement courses in high school?"  Video 2

We have to educate kids to function in an industrial society....You have to read at a certain level...
Video 2

Q:  How do we get teachers to convert to Montessori style projects (and reduce lecture time)?

Video 3

"I asked principals to run a school within a school in Hartford and we videotaped the classes.  This was in 1967..."
Video 4

"they were prepared for the 8 hours on the Saturday..."  (procedures for running a distance education course in the 1980s
Video 5

Jeff Hutt:   An English language class should be like a good night out on the town. Video 6

"Teach English in the environment of the Bahamas through snorkeling and immersion in nature...."
Video 7 

"I brought the germ-free laboratory from Notre Dame..."
Video 8  

This is the 8th largest school district...

I'm willing to put in the time for no money to be left alone for five years.  I'll get the rest of the money I need to implement the system in the zone of innovation.
Video 9

For two years he had the control of the Senate and House.  He should have gone after job creation, not health care.  
Video 10

...they can get rid of a principal.
if you want to be a change agent, you need to deal with something that they want to buy into...

Video 11

The marine industry might be looking to take off...  You have to look for the niche, for the base.  
Jeff:   I'm looking at a concept of having people who want to study for two weeks but they want something special, so they are willing to go the extra distance. Video 12

...the budget was in the negative 4 million.  "Give me ten questions that I can ask the controller and I'll be back..."  Ed Mailman read the spreadsheet ... and gave me the questions.

I called my controller and I asked for answers to the questions.
That's how I learned "fund accounting."  Read the categories bottom up...   Video 13

Here is an online cuckoo clock...

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