Thursday, March 6, 2014 is another way to download videos from Youtube

Here is a new way to reward developers ... without using cash.  It's called "Pay with a tweet."

I found that the download method is easy and not too difficult to remember.   

AVI is a video format 

You can also download the sound only (mp3).

I also invite you to participate in the Very Cool Sites project to find 500 videos (you are asked to find just two or three to add to the list).

This book is edited by the International Students Program.  See the list of students below.
We use Safe Practices on the Internet  (SPOTI)
1. Give out a "junk email" address to people who are not your friends
2. Keep Facebook Privacy settings to "Friends Only"                                  RETURN TO English Language Program presents 
500 Videos and Websites That You Should See Before You Leave High School
Please WRITE AT LEAST TWO SENTENCES TO EXPLAIN WHY WE SHOULD visit that site or look at the video. 
EXAMPLE:  Search for Tokyo Rush Hour Subway.”  I could not believe what happens when people go to work in Japan.  It looks very crowded.   
Let us know if it’s okay to print your name (as a contributing writer) in the book.
#1: _________________________
I like this (video/website) because:  


#2: _________________________

I like this (video/website) because


Email: ______________________________________  
Send this information to
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This guy says, "Drink more water"

Dr. Daniel Amen has some suggestions for keeping our brains healthy.

No coal, no oil, no natural gas

Some of us might work in space to provide electricity from the largest nuclear fusion reactor in the solar system.  Learn more at

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