Thursday, March 13, 2014

A draft of letter to an administrator of a chain of Charter Schools... What is the role of the board for helping the administration?  In what ways besides lobbying and looking for funds (charitable fundraising)?

What are you looking for from the board besides political pull and fund raising abilities.?

Where does your charter school fall in the spectrum of KIPP and USA Charters and the other players?

Do these other schools serve a different population of students?
How much overlap and competition is there for the students?

Is your chain of schools entering the high school arena?   What is the destination of most of the graduates of your K-6 schools?   Do you have plans to grow into high schools?  Or to set up high schools?

  1. Fontan Relational Education - Testimonials

    Testimonies from students and educators on the adoption of the Fontan RelationalEducation.
  2. Learning One to One: Microsoft ShowCase, Fontan School in Colombia

    Microsoft showcases one of the top innovations in education at the worldwide level. It features the Fontan School in Colombia, ...
Are you interested in other systems, such as  Fontan Relational Education  Erika Twani
I would ask you to interview her to find out if her system might be tested in one of your schools or classes.

How much are you interested in the fringe?

Do you have a farm system?  Do you take on new principals to develop them into your system or do you take seasoned professionals

I have identified a particularly good future principal … I’m hoping to work for him when he gets through his three year PhD program.  Do you have a school where he could experiment?   High school  is his specialty.

Are you looking to create a high tech high?  Diane Grondin is worth a look.  If you are looking for an excellent consultant, she is my favorite   based in Jaxville, a former Maverick high principal

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