Friday, November 28, 2014

A list of presenters at the 6 Dec. 2014 event to celebrate the creation of the Fischler School of Education Distance Education Museum and to highlight the work of Abraham S. Fischler, Ed.D.

I wish to introduce this list of invitees to the invited speakers.

I encourage you to click below so you get a flavor of each of the presenters.  For some of them I've included email and mobile contacts in case you want to discuss some of the ideas before you meet them or hear their presentations.

(This presentation is from an interview with Jeff Hutt, a founder of a school in the Bahamas, and Dr. Fischler)

Click here for the 9 minute video with Dennis
Dennis Yuzenas is a teacher in West Palm Beach
search "Dennis Yuzenas 9 minutes"
561 358 6884

Matt Blazek is a teacher in Boca Raton Prep  

<<< a training offered in 2013 at Miami Arts Charter School
415 990 6618

Omar Vasile is a teacher in Palm Beach County
I shot his explanation of his class technique.   He uses projects in the middle school environment.

Dee Naukana is a principal in Fort Lauderdale
She tolerates projects in her school
She met with Fischler on Nov. 13

Tammy Lara is a principal in Margate and leader of SunEd High Schools
she encourages projects in her school.
she also met with Fischler on Nov 13

    1. fischler intro 1 of 14 Visit with Tammy Lara and DeeEtte Naukana

      Visit with Dr. Fischler November 13, 2014 in Fort Lauderdale A visit to his office.
    2. Fischler 3 of 14 640 Description of SunEd High "Time is a Variable"

      Principal Tammy Lara describes the work of the school. Fischler uses the phrase "Time is a variable"

Found at  "fischler lara naukana" on youtube

Jaime Torres is a math instructor in Miami at Miami Arts Charter School... he plans to bring some of the constructions that his students have made as part of their projects in a "time-variable classroom"   ...  students are encouraged to re-submit their work so that they can improve their product and in the end their understanding.

More links to student math videos

b)  Tangent 46  a 15-minute video

Go here
c)   Venn Diagram Project  Venn Diagram

d)  15 minute video

See this link for the creativity that you can find at Miami Arts Charter

R. Rodriguez is a dance instructor at Miami Arts Charter and has a unique program that uses a timeline and the study of a dancer's biography to help students place and identify trends in dance history.   The use of a timeline is helpful.

There is more information and there is a possibility that we will have more presenters...  

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