Thursday, November 13, 2014

What would you put in front of your students? What videos would catch their attention? "Strange Body in Ear" corpo estranha de ouvido in Portuguese

People who are not teachers are sometimes find the most eye-catching videos.  Look at these remarkable images from videos found by a nurse.

This is real life...

Here is the "money shot"... you can see the insect in the ear.

Happy ending.  The insect
crawled out of the patient's ear

There is a happy ending to the video:  The cockroach crawls out of the patient's ear.

inside the ear...
Guidelines for selecting a video for distributing to partents:  Someone is going to be offended.

(2) for future medical professionals, show the video one-on-one and let THEM distribute the video to their friends and classmates.

Send your suggestions to  I want to see more "strange bodies"...

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