Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How to transform a school.... with insight from Pikifriends

Two items have crossed my computer recently.

PIKIFRIENDS and a leadership quote.

1)  A thoughtful summary of 1) how to bring Tech into class and 2) issues of "old style teaching"
These two links are related to transformation in a school and classroom:

 all of this comes from    

2)  Here's a cool leadership quote

The Chief Operating Officer looked at Lisa blankly and told her that he had never studied leadership, didn't know anything about it and had no desire to learn.  Lisa was stunned.  Lisa later learned that the COO's management philosophy was simple:  people need to do what they are told and not complain.

-- report of an anonymous employee in a large engineering company

from The Leadership Challenge by J. Kouzes

The image on this blog has nothing directly to do with the content.  It's just a reminder that you should find "Clark American Educator 2012" and click on the article that appears.

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