Monday, June 4, 2012

We often don't see what we look at...

David Eagleman has a useful video that points out the difficulty that many teachers have.  "I showed this procedure in class and I'm sure the students paid attention.  But then they can't produce the answer when I give them a test later in the week."

What's different in the photo?

Listen to the video starting around the end of the second minute, around 1:50
(If you look below, you will see the difference immediately, 
because you can compare the two slides side by side.   
It's better if you look at the video.  It took me 45 seconds 
and I got it only because the speaker, Eagleman, gave some hints...

This video has made me aware that there are imes when it makes sense to 
watch a video replay before saying what we saw or heard.
Why not embrace video cameras in the classroom?
particularly the comment on March 1, 2009

Here is the two parts of the video, side by side....

I bet you see the difference now...
It's likely that you looked at the people and compared their hand positions, 
the color of their clothes, the length of their hair...
We expect that position of a body would change...  not the position of the items that
are not expected to move.

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