Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Highland Park High School is profiled in a video by Erik Friedl about Personalization of Learning, Personal Learning Plans and Portfolios

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Enrique mentions Will Sutherland  of QBE Academy in England

YOUTUBE videos for Will

Mario Llorente in Miami, with his ABC Dominos project  


Some notes from the video interview with Enrique Gonzalez

The elements of success are simple
Be on time
Respect others
Our job as teachers is to make the learning exciting.
Le gusta la aprendizaje
One of the students says, "Over here, people don't judge you by the way you look and act.  They think of you as students.  We're all seen here as students."
Enrique says, "Every student has special needs."
"They listen"
How?  We set up a personal learning plan for each student.
We find out who the individual is.
Here are some other videos with Enrique
Nightingale Middle School
Enrique's first video at Highland Park (For the Love of Learning)

Personal Learning Plan
drives projects into the Portfolio

Click here to see the video


See some other videos by Erik Friedlwww.Youtube.com/aiglon27


Teen Brain Camp is offered free online and in a face-to-face course at Broward College
The TeenBrainCamp.com website

It's an SAT test prep course with extra skills to pick up including website making and how to use the latest insights from Dan Pink, Malcolm Gladwell and Daniel Amen to building the 12 Global Skills needed in the 21st Century (Tony Wagner's list of seven survival skills).

Steve's talk about the brain

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