Monday, October 28, 2013

Put videos on a DVD and call it "The Yearbook on DVD" ... plus some videos that you might enjoy clicking because they show themes from the Coalition of Essential Skills

Let's take a moment to look at each of the other 10 videos that are currently on the CES national youtube channel.  None of these videos has more than 6000 views ... let's work together to get more eyes on these prizes.


Goals apply to all students

Democracy in schools

Mastery in schools

Get the ENTIRE school involved in the innovation

Let's learn about PERSONALIZATION


Student = worker
Teacher = coach
Learning is TALKING
Teaching is LISTENING

Learn to use your mind well

Less is more

Where can you find an Essential School?

To give you something to read, if you want to see something besides a string of photos taken of the list of schools that are involved in Coalition of Essential Schools, here's my offer of virtual mentoring to teachers and students.

POSTERS:  I have a collection of posters that are essentially quotes from blogs and research papers.  The idea is to highlight one or two sentences and entice the reader to look up the article or at least put into practice the innovative procedure that the paper describes.  If you would like a free ebook with these posters, send me an email  or download the collections from  
I have offered to help schools create a digital year or "yearbook on DVD" and I got some success with Highland Park High School in Los Angeles.  (Thank you, Enrique Gonzalez, Ireland, Drake and others).  
WORKSHOPS for GOOGLE DRIVE and Digital Portfolio Making

I'm posting my resume here to entice someone to contact me so I can mentor a teacher who doesn't currently flip the class or who wants to learn how to use Google Drive (the way uses digital portfolios) or who doesn't currently use posters and projects in the classroom.  I'm happy to donate my services ... that's the point of creating ebooks.  If there is a paid consulting  or volunteer job to be done, I'm there.  How can I serve you and your organization's mission?  As one of my students told me, "We are here to serve."

 My big issue currently:  Make a yearbook DVD... A DVD can cost under $2 to reproduce.  
Excuses (that I've heard from administrators)?  "Students put these videos on youtube and on facebook.  They won't buy a collection of videos."  Fine.  But at least SOMEBODY has the collection so that when it's time to meet again in 10 or 20 years, you have the sound of Mr. Dyke's voice and the image of John Corlette skiing.  Oh, yes, that's right... we didn't have DVDs 40 years ago, so I can't see and hear my old professors.  

I hope the previous paragraph inspires some students to get in touch with me to be guided toward making a Yearbook on DVD.

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  1. One of the essential skills is collaboration, as described by Tony Wagner at "Seven survival skills" ... and dominos could be part of the process of learning about working together with a partner. See my videos at