Friday, October 11, 2013

Peter Willet, art teacher at Aiglon College, recommends Explain Everything (a mobile app) as a way to guide students toward effective presentations

Explain Everything
A mobile app for the iPad

Imagine that there is a way for students to organize their notes about a new subject and then get guided toward giving a presentation.  Imagine that the presentation is so effective that the TEACHER ends up learning something.
What does the teacher need to do to motivate students to use this app?
What does the teacher say to engage the attention of students?
What does the lesson plan look like that will accomplish this useful end?

I talked with Peter Willett, head of art at Aiglon College, and he described how some students learned about microeconomics and then made a presentation using Explain Everything.  Peter ended up learning something more about how a business works.  “Their presentation made perfect sense and helped me understand the topic better than I had before.”  

I wanted to know “What did you do with the students to prepare them to use this app?”  SEE THE COMMENT
I wanted to know the teacher talk, the procedures, the in-depth preparation that he needed to insert to give a foundation for these students to perform this remarkable performance of understanding.

His answer:  “I showed them the app.  They went at it and I left them alone.”

Let’s look at a statement by Dr. Richard E. Clark of University of Southern California.   For advanced, motivated students, give them a project.   For all others, use fully guided instruction.”

Export and Import almost anything to and from anywhere.

Explain Everything is available on iPad and will “SOON” be available for Android.
The Vimeo demo lasts about 4 minutes and it will give you and your students the overview needed to “get it.”  Click here and get started.  The photos in this post come from the Vimeo presentation.

Thanks to Peter Willett for the recommendation.

Peter adds, "It was the law of 'supply and demand'.  I will put my thinking cap on for more ideas about education and technology."

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