Friday, October 18, 2013

Let's build a campaign for Organic Cotton in India.... let's click on these facebook pages of companies that support Organic Cotton (and click on Tecchio's documentary film)

ORGANIC COTTON  clicking list

After watching The BEHIND THE LABEL video, what can we do?  
Support fashion companies that use organic cotton.
what companies?  Here is an article that lists three companies.

The press release that identified three companies

Indian Clothing Manufacturer Focuses on Organic and Sustainable
by Karin Heinze

Since it was set up in 1989, the company Hues India Pvt. Ltd. has developed into a renowned export business.
This company was the first in Rajasthan to receive certification in compliance with both the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and the Organic Exchange 100 Standard for its collections made from organic cotton.

Their ambitious target is to maximize the use of organic cotton in the production of clothes. Hues supplies companies like C&A, Stella McCartney and La Redoute. At the same time, it is making great efforts regarding sustainability: by the end of 2012 they want to cover 50 % of their energy consumption from solar generation, and the target figure is 100 % by 2015. To achieve the greening of the cotton supply chain as quickly as possible, Huan sells organic cotton products at the prices usually charged for conventional products.



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C and A
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I'm a high school teacher and I want my students to shop to support organic cotton

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 The Vimeo channel for a remarkable director of documentaries

Here is the trailer for his Genetic Modified Indian Cotton movie called "behind the label."  Please click to increase hits.
  1. Behind the label - Trailer HD on Vimeo


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    GeboMana is eco-friendly limited-edition handmade fashion.

    @ORGANICCOTTONTS   I'm a high school teacher and I'm looking for a way for my students to act about non-GMO cotton.


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