Monday, January 27, 2014

How to make a lecture more engaging...

Here are some tips

If you are a lecturer, here is a check list

Eric Mazur's technique is shown below

  • Eric Mazur shows interactive teaching

    Harvard Physics Professor Eric Mazur demonstrates "Peer Instruction" and "Just-In-Time" teaching techniques. Read more about ...
  • Flipped Learning #53: Peer Instruction with Eric Mazur

    Flipped Learning #52: Peer Instruction with Eric Mazur.
  • Erik Mazur: Confessions of a Converted Lecturer - edited

    Erik Mazur's personal introduction to how he came to develop Peer Instruction, a teaching method that enhances interactive ...

  • Let the students play roles
    Role-play can help students
    clarify a situation.

    Students present a topic using physical items

    how are these captured chickhens related to typical students?

    How to make MATH CLASS interesting...

    Friday, November 16, 2012

    10 Ways To Make Your Math Class More Fun

    1) Mini Lessons:
    Divide the total number of minutes you are in class by 5; this is how many lessons you should aim for. Thus, a 60 minute class should have approximately 12 lessons. with you in the middle. Show them how ½ a circle is different from 1/3, ¼, or 1/5 by standing in the middle and extending two tape measures

    2) Get Them Out Of Their Seat:Sitting for an hour straight is hard 

    3) Art:
    Using art is a great way to illustrate word-problems. 

    4) Legos: 
    Using just a few Lego pieces will allow you to teach almost any concept. 

    5) Posters:
    Got some boring definitions you need your students to learn? Have them create a poster. 

    6) Group Work:
    Group work can be a great learning tool. 

    7) Less Problems & More Mastery:

    Two awesomely thought-out problems are worth more than an entire worksheet of drill. 

    8) Homework Should Be Short and Sweet:

    I hate the idea of homework. I hate the idea of taking time away from family and friends to do busy work.

    9) Use Math Stories, Math Trivia or Riddles

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