Friday, January 3, 2014

What did Einstein say about fish and climbing trees? What was his real opinion about education?

Here is a poster to support Professor
Pettigrew's suggestion

Oh, no...not again... another excellent and timely quote is exposed as a fabrication...  Oh, I really wanted to believe that Einstein thought about fish and tree climbing....

We will do well to take time to look at the "investigation" about the source of the "Einstein quote."

Click here to see the investigation
Click here to see the article in Macleans

Professor Pettigrew recommends the Quote Investigator


So let's create an excellent poster about Einstein to offset the fish-climbing-trees quote.

Get the poster

Here is an excerpt from the Investigation

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By the way, why not give some thanks to Todd Pettigrew by clicking on some of his other pieces in Macleans?

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