Saturday, January 18, 2014

Katie Gimbar's most important video has only 40,000 hits... What to do when students DON'T watch the assigned videos.

Katie Gimber's stealth video:  This is the heart of her program.  How do you "get" ALL of the students to watch the assigned video?

Katie gives us the procedures and the "teacher talk" needed to guide students to take the initiative and make choices in their behavior and in how they use their time both inside and outside the classroom.

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the most important video might be this one...

What to do when students DON'T watch the assigned videos.

In the video Katie points out:

a)  ask the students to do something to participate in the work that is presented the video.  This includes writing definitions and examples in a notebook, taking notes in however form the students want to.

b) Students who take minimum notes and miss the main points of the lecture
Let the students collaborate with their peers
Lazy students can pick up much of the information from tehir peers.
Peer teaching works.
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c)  Let students choose when to watch the videos (and give them additional opportunities)  Because it is a social experience, many students WANT to be part of the process.   Katie tells about how some students will come to her and say, "I didn't watch the video last night.  Can I come in during lunch or before school to watch the video?"

This works when you have computers in the classroom that are set up to allow students to watch the videos with headphones or earbuds.

Go ahead, sent this video to parents and students.    Let's increase our NET impact on the Internet and get this video seen by 100 million people.

I did my part with my comment below... placed on Katie's video cahnnel.  Get a YouTube account and put a LIKE, add a SUBSCRIBE and a COMMENT.

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