Monday, March 4, 2013

Free Poster: How to encourage students to engage more deeply in a writing exercise (recommendation by Richard E. Clark)

Here is a procedure recommended by Richard E. Clark:

"Point to and briefly describe each of ten different things you see in this picture."
The more that students are challenged to notice elements in pictures or paintings the more insightful they become about the overall interpretations of what they see.  
--  Richard E. Clark, USC

This poster is available at

The aim of this series of posters is to encourage teachers to discuss these principles with colleagues and with their students.  

The principles in the the design of the posters is
a)  use as few words as possible to accomplish the task
b)  introduce an analogy to help viewers to remember the point.
c)  give the viewer a procedure to accomplish the goal of the poster.

(THIS WORDING IS DRAFT, awaiting eventual confirmation by Richard Clark.  Comments are invited from the public.)

"The Poster Principles" by Richard E. Clark, from an interview on 27 February 2013, posted on

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