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More Subscriptions for this YouTube Channel (please). Here's why: Students at Stonefields School, Auckland, describe the Pit and "What are the Qualities of a Learner?" (transcript of a school-made video)

Thank you, Lutz
I selected this video for transcription because one of former language students (Lutz, who exemplifies the qualities of a curious learner) asked me to explain what the students were saying (the volume is low on the video).

I would not have watched or listened to this video -- I had posted the channel and directed my colleagues to look at the channel.  Lutz asked, "What is that girl without a tooth saying?"

Only three subscribers?!!  (March 2013)  If you have a YouTube account, please subscribe.   And how about a thousand likes...

Hmmmm.   Lutz's wife is a teacher.  Lutz has good radar for effective school programs.  I should listen to this request...

Here's the transcript.

Building Learning Capacity
a video from Stonefields School

A definition for learning now at Stonefields would be
making progress
learning new things
using the learner qualities
learning as well as you can

0:28 shows the 7 learning qualities
self aware 

not just learning, but learning to learn

second student
The learner qualities are qualities that help you learn at Stonefields school
there are seven learner qualities

Q:  What makes a learner a good learner, Ashton?
by using the learner qualities, 
self aware 

self aware

1:07  a new student
You just do "like that"  (holds up hand) (REFLECT)
and you can also use THINK

I try to cut (catch?) and wonder
like I ask questions to other people if they can help me with my learning

Q:  What do you reflect ?
You can reflect what your next step is.
You can reflect any time of the day.  and you can reflect on your learning to see if you have done good or if you have done bad in your learning.

Q:  So what do you ask yourself when you are reflecting?
What you enjoyed, what you learned, what you can improve on.

Q  What can you improve on?
PROBABLY connect.

Q:  Tell me what you do to connect?
I connect the easy stuff that I know to the stuff that I want to work out and then I  try to get the answers.

Q:  Which learner quality would you say is the trickiest one?
Self Aware.

Q:  tell me why you find that tricky.
Because sometimes I don't know when to be self aware.    But I should be self aware all the time.

at 2:18 a chart is shown.
And the other tricky one is questions.  because when we are in groups, we ask other groups  and they might not get the answer 

and when I ask three other people and the teachers are not there, then I have to try to work it out myself.


In the chart, there are four examples for Self Aware

Definition:  Aware of yourself as a learn, you actions, thoughts, and next steps.

First stage:  I am not sure of the things that might help me to become a better learner

Second Stage:  I am beginning to billed awareness of what I need to do to become a better learner, I can identify some next steps to improve

third stage:  I am self aware in my actions and reflection to further improve and develop my strengths.  I independently work toward achieving my next steps.


The chart also shows tips for Connects and Is Determined.

Connects = Linking knowledge toothier to create new understandings

Third Stage:  I make many links and connections between pieces of knowledge to crate new ideas or deeper understandings.


Determined =  the ability to stick at a challenging task when you feel like giving up.  the desire and determination to self improve and succeed. 

I can self-talk to show determination with tasks that are a little tricky and motivate myself to keep going

THIRD STAGE:  I have a number of strategies that help me to be determined when task are challenging.

We use learner qualities at 
Stonefields school by 
well… not giving up.  When you are stuck, you [can] be determined and try to get out of the Pit.

at 2:57 the diagram of the PIT is shown.

It can be good to be in the Pit.  sometimes because you will learn from what the mistake that you did.

Q:  What do you do when you get stuck as a learner?
I use my prior knowledge, i use the learner qualities  which mostly I would rather be determined.

Q:  as a learner do you get stuck?   
yes I get stuck

Q:  How often?
Almost every second of the day.

Q:  Wow, so is it up to you or the teacher to make you stuck?
It's up to me.

Q:    What is the best thing about Stonefields school?
Because they get me stuck in the pit.  and challenge me.

Finding techniques to be in the pit.
and get stuck and find and use techniques to (um)  try and figure it out.

Q:  how often do you get stuck?
A lot

Q:  What helps you to get out of those stuck situations?
To ask a buddy or to use some of the secrets that the teachers give us

Q:  Has your notion of learning changed?
yes immensely

Q:  can you tell me about that?
uh   When I first came here, I thought that learning was getting good grades,
doing what the teacher says, doing your homework. things like that.

but now it's more, it's not just the surface learning,  it's deeper learning.
Q:  can you explain what that deeper learning is?
it is having a system of how we learn, knowing how we learn.  For example, we have been learning about the brain.   We use learner qualities, learning process, our vision principles.  
We learnt much more about learning, we didn't just learn.  We learnt about learning.


Building Learning Capacity  
channel  StonefieldsSch   7 videos  

Stonefields has appeared to take some of the best of the IB program and simplified it for kids to be able to rehearse and call on when they are "in the Pit."

A frequent comment was "How do we make learning visible?"

I'll return to this blog with an analysis of some of the walls in classrooms.

WORTH A LOOK:  Chris Bradbeer's blog

Let's get more subscriptions on this school's YouTube channel.

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