Sunday, March 31, 2013

Technology with Teaching: An example of a Google Plus "Community Discussion"

I'm giving a workshop soon in a community where there is virtually no broadband access to the Internet.   I've recently visited several schools in New Zealand and Australia that use the Internet to build digital portfolios for students as well as the famous school in San Diego (where students put their portfolios online).

I have been looking for an example of "how teachers can use the Internet in teaching."  Here's an interesting exchange that shows the advantage of posting to an online community.

Anne Croft

Mar 30, 2013 (edited)  -  Discussion
Does anyone know of a twitter gadget that I can add to a Google site. I want to add a twitter feed onto a school Google website but the twitter gadget doesn't seem to work
Anne CroftYesterday 8:28 AM
Sorted! The featured Twitter gadget wasn't working until I put in this gadget by URL
Found the answer on this site add a twitter feed | amslerclassroom
Thank you Tony Amsler!

Here's the same post 

You can find this Community HERE

It's called Google Apps for Education

I learned about it when I signed up for a course on MIT's Media Lab

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