Monday, March 18, 2013

Worth a click. Stonefield's open learning spaces are discussed in a blog by Chris Bradbeer

that is a fan's post, Sarah Holland

notice the ways to hang books on the wall

Here is the school's official site.  Only one subscriber  I'm the second subscriber    stonefields in New Zealand...

"What spins your wheel?" was spoken on this sofa.
I'm the second subscriber on Youtube.   Why not click? ... only 875 clicks... let's give them a boost...

you can also see Chris Bradbeer's  blog   

I'm the second subscriber on Youtube.   Why not click  the future?
look for the Youtube interview ... on visualandactive

Here are some images from a visit to Stonefields plus a look at the Open Learning Spaces blog.
Google Chrome device

this student likes the keyboard

open learning spaces.... visit the blog

active walls that display current drafts of work, not finished products


notice the large sliding glass wall.  Chris wonders when they'll invent a device to project on glass

notice the bins on the left

the "pit" was described in that glass enclosure.
See the next blog entry

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