Saturday, March 16, 2013

"Look for small positive behaviors in society and amplify them" Joichi Ito's advice (rather than trying to change everything)

Joi Ito teaches at MIT (director) 
Media Arts and Science

Here are some rough extracts...

This fellow  Joi Ito says:
1.  the only thing of value that I learned in school, that I actually used later in life, was typing with ten fingers.  (4 minutes)
2.  Most of what I learned, I learned on my own.  I taught myself.   (see 4:20)

24 minutes
peer groups
learning through projects

minute 25
everyone should be a teacher, everyone should be a student

it's important to let elements of the community think "peer to peer"  
If you start with the school as the center of learning, then you end up with certain structures, no matter where you build the school.   (meaning:  Schools tend to have certain elements, receptionist, curriculum, textbooks, classrooms, authorities, decisionmakers.... "certain structures")

innovation takes place on the periphery.

27 minute
I do volunteer teaching in high schools in Japan 
where they are not allowed to have cellphones in class.

"What are your interests?  What are your passions?"
Answer from many teens in Japan:  "I don't have one."

You have to start really early.
people tend to copy what has worked elsewhere.

People need role models.  Look instead for local ways of thinking...
It's your job to create local ways of thinking.

minute 30    positive deviance  Professor Pascal at Harvard
look for small deviant behaviors in society, and amplify those, rather than try to change everything.

I don't think you can persuade someone to change everything at once. but maybe you can change a couple of schools

rather than copy from another culture...

31 minute
I would replace the mentality of being a teacher with the mentality of being a coach.

tease out from the students what they are thinking, what their issues are.

What are you interested in?  What are your passions?
listen more than preaching.  (31:58)

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