Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Third Teacher and the Third Room: A visit to SCIL in Terrey Hills, Australia (near Sydney)

The school supports programs in other countries
Anne Knock's blog informed me about SCIL and then I learned of Stephen Harris' blog.

On the front desk of the reception

Slideshow of photos that the school has selected to greet visitors

If you have seen, you will recognize this room

Without these links, you wouldn't be seeing these photos.

The Innovation Center is about 45 minutes north of Sydney.   
What are 5 dangerous objects that children should play with?

There's a workshop in Nightingale Middle School in Los Angeles
Anne gave me 45 minutes of her time and shared the following tips:

The Third Space is the coffee shop or library  (1.  Home, 2. Work or School).  LINK

The Third Teacher is the wall:  1. Parents, 2. Teachers at school.   Go ahead, download some signs... the environment

SCIL is planning a tour of USA schools in 2014.   See Harris' blog for summaries of past trips.

This is how you know you are near a school of the future... 

Links to try:

Turn here for innovation.

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