Thursday, July 31, 2014

Let's learn more about single-gender programs: Focus on Franklin Academy in cooper City, Florida

Here are some links that might catch your attention:
a school that is based on Ben Franklin's teachings
a school that includes chess in the curriculum
a school that separates students by gender

Here are some interesting quotes from the website.

See links about Single-Gender classrooms
particularly the work of Michael Gurian

As an optional enrichment program, chess allows students to develop a broad array of critical reasoning and problem solving skills. Chess provides a creative environment for students to practice analytical and logic puzzles using strategy, geometric spatial relationships, combined resource utilization and time management all in a game the students enjoy. Our program accommodates all levels of students from the first-time beginner to the seasoned tournament player. Students can continue to develop as players by joining the after school chess club or participating on the school tournament chess team.

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