Monday, July 14, 2014

Gordon Dryden supports an innovative method of learning with iPads

Gordon Dryden, author of books about "the learning revolution," has given his support to a method of using iPads to delver educational materials to students.

Here is his letter of support for iGeneration Academy in Lauderhill, Florida.

Click here to get the free AHA game

To Principal Latoya Robinson 

Dear Latoya 

Best wishes for planning approval for your academy.  The biggest single problem in the word of education right now is simple but appalling: 75 million youth unemployed between ages 15 and 24; many of them with advanced university 

One of the big solutions is what you are proposing:a school with a 21st-century program to combine great learning methods with an allied program to for students to share hands-on jobs in 21st-century industries in the same area.

My new iBooks (one for the Apple iPad, based around the Apple model for the future; the other for Google-Android, based around their open-source model) should be completed by the end of this year.  The format for both is covered in the enclosed attachment.

Both are based on a completely updatedconcept of the original AHA GAME I invented to teach entrepreneurship and innovation at middle, high school and college level (copy of the original board game attached).  You'll notice the 144 new examples, around which booth the books and digital-visual games are based, have been completely updated.  But the same rte aching and learning principle applies: for each student to begin with his or her own talent, strength or passion – and to then throw two dice twice in each of the 12 numbered sub-sections; then to use the resulting examples as the basis for personal innovation programs.

More importantly (to link in with your new schools) this provides the opportunities for every strident to:

1. Start with each one's individual talent, strengths and passion.

2. Link that together with other students into multi-talented teams.  And then

3.     Use new technologies and templates to provide true principles of imagination, ideas and innovation to reinvent every aspect of society.

Feel free to use the concepts free of charge.

Best wishes.

Gordon Dryden

Gordon Dryden
The Learning Web Ltd
P O Box 16384
Bethlehem, Tauranga
New Zealand 3147

ATTACHMENTS      Touch The Future                AHA Game


Many thanks, Gordon!

With Appreciation, Steve

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