Saturday, July 12, 2014

Look for the story about the "U.S. Excecutives who visited a Japanese factory"

Dan Heath's words about the process of Change are important to remember...  W. Edwards Deming found out the strength of resistance to new ideas (even in the face of new information) ... I wonder if Deming would have been relieved to know that the key to change is to "put feelings first"...  Heath says that we try to persuade relatives to stop smoking by giving the information about what happens to our lungs.   Instead, we need to show photos to let the person (1) SEE the situation, which helps (2) build the FEELINGS,  (3) to generate the ENERGY in the person...  

I like the story about the Mallet

Get the book.

Look at the bottom of this post to get the name of the person who is described...

Put Feelings First.
Visit YOUTUBE   "Dan Heath feelings first change"

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first organization youtube"

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This is the story that W. Edwards Deming tells
It is worth visiting "Dr. Deming" on Youtube

  cool story...

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