Thursday, July 24, 2014

Procedure in Test Prep Classes: What to do when the instructor is late

Traffic, car problems, mobile phone is uncharged, loss of phone...

There are a number of reasons why an instructor might be late.  Students can use the time in class to build their skills.

a) Go to and look for difficult problems
Work together to solve difficult problems and develop the skill of collaboration
Learn more about Tony Wagner's Seven Survival Skills

In short, if an instructor is late, or has not shown within 45 minutes, you can still stay and get benefit from your classmates.   Look at the aims of the class and the study materials.  What would you teach if you were the instructor?  Then stand up and offer some problems, ask for suggestions about the approach to take to solve the problem and ask how the three main questions can be applied:

What is the pattern?
How can we rewrite this information (flexibility)
What can we do to increase our Brain Resilience? and the 12 Prescriptions for Brain Health

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