Thursday, July 31, 2014

Steve McCrea: Short Biography -- key websites by a math and "test prep" teacher

Steve McCrea is certified to teach ESOL, English, Middle school Science (grades 5-9), Math, and Social Studies. He recommends books and websites related to and looks for opportunities to use the teaching methods of Enrique Gonzalez (Highland Park High School in Los Angeles) in his classes.  
WORKSHOPS by Steve  
"The Integrated Curriculum and the two-teacher school"
Free Chapter 1
Free Chapter 4  
Part 1 of the Big Picture video
Part 2 of the Big Picture video

He uses the digital portfolio system of High Tech High (San Diego) and the project system of Matt Blazek ( and Dennis Yuzenas (  
Steve has taught ESOL since 1997 and he encourages his teenage students to reach out through (a volunteer program with Skype).  

He leads test prep classes at Broward College and encourages people to visit and his youtube channel for free tips   He looks forward to assisting students to build their careers at iGeneration Empowerment Academy.

Dr. Fischler's book to train teachers using quotations and commentaries

Testimonial about Littky's book

List of books available by Mario Llorente
Books by Matt Blazek by Dennis Yuzenas

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