Thursday, July 31, 2014

Professional Development: Improve our penalties and grading

there are some tips about grading

see the videos at the bottom of the page   "supply an explanation for why you choose two questions."

Penalties and brushing your teeth...
1. does the student care about the penalty? 
2.  does the penalty fit the aim?
3.  how often are you using the penalty?
4.  is the penalized person in control of the variables?  Is he in the best position to make a decision?   Teachers give out zeros....  
I want to grade learning instead of compliance.
5.  How do you professionally apply a penalty to a student who works until midnight to help his family meet the rent?   Or the student who has his utilities cut off?  The penalty needs to fit those students who have difficulties outside the school.   How do we build systems that are robust and work for everyone?

Penalties for the learner
we blend things that are not related to learning into different measurements of learning... in one test.
late by one day, 10% penalty.
late paying your parking ticket at the hospital, we get a lower blood pressure score.    It's okay to talk about dismantling practices that are not effective.

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