Friday, November 29, 2013

How much math do students really need? Fractions, percents and how to estimate... a TEDx presentation

Here are some of the screen shots from this presentation.  The idea is to answer the Big Question honestly.  How will we use math in the future?   We'll use fractions, percents and estimation.  We'll multiply and divide. The rest is not so important....

There are 1.5 million engineers in the USA (estimate by the presenter).  That's less than one percent of the US Population.   What would be a better use of time for the other 99%?   Brain Games (according to the presenter).

We can tell students that they need math to learn
how to come to a conclusion...  "follow these steps..."

We can use math to find a pattern -- come to a general
idea after looking at a lot of details

Even if math is everywhere, do we really need to know
the GOLDEN RECTANGLE to appreciate

Yes, but only certain types of math...
fractions, percents, probability, conversions,

this is the argument that "if you do well in this course,
you will do well in life."   ... hmmm

Perhaps this is the best solution:  use the
time in math class to expand our skills
(not learn about matrices and how to use

Click here to find the book online
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Another good resource is the "When are we ever gonna use this?" book by Hal Saunders.

You can also see how math class can be turned into "skills class" by visiting a blog like this one:   TIME  Technology Integration for Math Education

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