Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Theory of Everything: Imagine that a classroom has access to the key slogans and posters of twenty school systems. IBO, Montessori, Essential Schools, Dan Pink, StoneFields, Tony Wagner, John Corlette, Littky, ...

What would a classroom look like if there were rotating posters?

What if slogans appeared that proffered stimulating and empowering images with words like AUTONOMY, MASTERY, PURPOSE ... ?   What would happen to kids in that classroom?

Here are some images from a prezi presentation for a school in Eastern Europe -- headlines that are supported with 

Aiglon College

Tony Wagner's Seven Survival Skills

The Ten Distinguishers of the BIG PICTURE Learning system

Dan Pink's  AAA and Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose

Essential Schools  
The core principals (no two schools alike, but shared values)

Essential Schools

From his To Sell Is Human, ABC =  Attunement, Buoyancy, Clarity

Stonefields School in New Zealand has slogans, too -- Get out of the Pit.

If these images go into a single room, could the students pull items from a wall and say, "I'm following that procedure today."?   That's sometimes how I want to keep the learning environment stimulating.  "I'm thinking about Gordon Dyke today.  I remember what George Hartogensis, one of Gordon's students, used to say to me about how I should prepare students for the work place... so I'm going to focus on what George and Gordon told me..."
See the blog item about Stonefields School

Stonefields School has some interesting key words:
Determined, Reflect, Connect, Think, Wonder, Question
What does it work?

Perhaps the consistency of the Fontan Relational Education method can be supplemented with the principles of the famous and the Rosenshine article with seventeen key points for teaching... 

International Baccalaureate system....  The Learner Profile...   here is the PDF

The list comes from a PDF

So, we can see themes 

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