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How to Make Money with Youtube -- How to Monetize Your Youtube Account. ... (TEACHERS: This is a way to get teenagers interested in your classwork)

Welcome to the world of "let's make money with Youtube"...
This file will help students connect their bank account with their YouTube account...  One of the key websites is here:

These are some of the steps you need to go through to get ADSENSE registered and connected to your YOUTUBE account.

The steps are slightly different if you already HAVE an Adsense Account.

step 1: set up Google ADSENSE  (connect your gmail account to your bank)

step 2:  monetize the Youtube account.  (allow ads to be placed on your videos)

step 3:  connect the Youtube account to your Adsense account.
The steps are simpler if the email address for your ADSENSE account is the same as the email address connected to your YouTube account.

Here are some of the articles that will be helpful for you to read before you go ahead with this step:

How to sign up for Adsense

  1. sign up for AdSense - Google
    Please be aware that you will not be able to sign up for AdSense without a valid postal address. Step 1: Select your Google Account. Would you like to use an ...
    You visited this page on 11/20/13.
  2. How to sign up - AdSense Help - Google Help
    The AdSense approval process has several steps - some on our end and some on yours. Click each step below to find out how to get approved:
  3. Google AdSense – Maximize revenue from your online content
    Google AdSense is an easy way to earn money from your online content. Simply display relevant and ... Google New to Google AdSenseSign up now  ...

search:  connect adsense to youtube

Search Results

  1. Associate your YouTube and AdSense accounts - YouTube Help
    Associate your YouTube and AdSense accounts. You may begin monetizing your videos without linking an AdSense account once you've opted in your account  ...
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    in this video i show how easy and quick it is to connect/link youryoutube account to google adsense so you ...

search  how to monetize youtube

  1. Enable and disable ads on my videos - YouTube Help - Google Help
    You can submit a video for monetization and enable ads in two ways from within yourYouTube account. Enable ads on your videos Upon Upload: As your video ...
  2. What kind of content can I monetize? - YouTube Help - Google Help
    The best way to ensure you'll be able to monetize your YouTube videos is to create your own content. Use your imagination to create something completely ...
  3. Become a YouTube partner - YouTube Help - Google Help
    Becoming a partner is easy: if your account is eligible, you may opt yourself in to theYouTube Partner Program. Enable your channel for monetization To check ...
  4. How To Monetize Your YouTube Channel - Investopedia
    Nov 23, 2012 - YouTube's Partner Program helps users earn money through their channels. Find out how.


2. On the Left Hand Side , LOOK 



3. look for the 


Click to make it "ON"

AT SOME POINT in this process, you will need to SIGN INTO Adsense.   
(B) you need to sign up for AdSense.

If you are signing up for ADSENSE, this is one of the windows you will need to complete


This is how the screen will look AFTER you have signed up for monetizing your Youtube account

This is one of the windows that you will need to click on

This page is a warning that you are
about one-third through

You will use this check list if you already have an approved Adsense account

YOu probably have some questions.   Look for an FAQW list os search "Freqently asked questions Monetize youtube "

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