Friday, April 19, 2013

Steve Jobs said, "I want to make a ding in the universe." Johnny Bunko's advice: "Make an imprint." So learn more at

Steve Jobs said, "I want to make a ding in the universe." 

Johnny Bunko's advice:  "Make an imprint."  See the page created by Dan Pink.

So learn more at

Young people spend a lot of time on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other forms of social media, and so, why not make an impact through your web presence?   

You can "cause an effect" (Nova University's catchphrase) by increasing your number of likes -- and by posting materials on the web.  Your subscriptions to YouTube and blogs can increase your Klout (yes, that's another service to sign up for).   Bob Finch told me about Klout and reported that his daughter has more Klout than many adults (because she tweets and writes a lot of text messages).

Leave a mark.   Deje huella.  A student at the FLEX department told me that he likes that slogan.  I left several Dan Pink books in a pile on top of a refrigerator in the office of the vice dean of the faculty of foreign languages at 19 of May Avenue near Ayestaran Blvd. in Havana.  Yes, some teachers see this pile of books at least once a week.  Maybe they will read them.

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