Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What is the Learning Revolution? Is the revolution in education about technology? (no)

Talking points
How can we use Technology with Teaching?

Technology has become associated with “Innovation” and “The Learning Revolution.”
Most people want to know:
What types of devices are available?
Which device is best for which situation?
What are typical problems with the technologies?
What are typical solutions?
Hands-on learning about how to use the technologies
Flipping the classroom

The shift from lecturing to the “new way of learning” is about:
A shift in mindset:  growth, not fixed (C. Dweck)
The focus is on learning, not transmitting
Personal learning plans
The newspaper office

More distractions: 
The Third Teacher
The design of the classroom
open learning spaces

It’s possible to have a revolution in learning
Without electronic devices or computer assisted instruction,
Without open learning spaces
Without access to the Internet

The new way of learning is “the student is the class”
Each student has an individual plan.
Personalized curriculum
Time is not fixed    “Time is a variable”

Steve McCrea,
Traditional Title:  Instructor                 New Title:  Curator  Dr. Fischler’s site

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