Monday, April 1, 2013

Four posters to build a classroom of cooperation (perhaps even empathy): preparation for a workshop with thanks to Dennis Littky, Cary Elcome and Dennis Yuzenas.

We often forget the most overlooked resource in the school: the students. We ought to close the textbooks, turn off the teacher talk and ask students to talk and share their concerns and let them practice speaking. Instead of more grammar, why not allow them to speak and reveal their gaps as well as their passions?
Cary Elcome

What are you going to tell the students? But teaching is really about bringing out what's already inside people.
Dennis Littky

People who are grateful live longer.

They remember what they studied longer.

Write to thank these people for their words.

Some teachers negotiate with their students what they will learn, when they will learn it and
how we will check that they have learned it.
Dennis Yuzenas, after studying Glasser’s Choice Theory.

Richard E. Clark advocates the use of as few words as possible in posters.  This was my attempt to get a workshop down to these four posters.  How do we create an atmosphere and culture of interactive work and cooperation?   I think these four posters will help.  The third poster (about Gratitude) is how I encourage participants to reveal their natures, preferences and traits.  

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