Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Saber-Tooth Curriculum and Transformation of Schools -- ah, now I see why it's taking so long....

This journey on the Interent started with the announcement of a free online conference that will start May 6.

I saw a link to the conference.


The video recommended the website http://www.wholechildeducation.org/

The right side of the web site has a list of podcasts

One of the podcasts mentions a FREE CHAPTER 


I never found the free chapter but I did find the preface of the book interesting, which mentions the PDF that is listed below.

Here are two pages from the preface (which is freely found on the website, so I'm reproducing the pages here):

this is the little link to the "excerpt" view of the book's preface.  That's where I found the reference to the Saber Tooth Curriculum.

So... let's look up "saber tooth curriculum"

  1. THE SABER-TOOTH CURRICULUM by J. Abner Peddiwell ...


    by JAbner Peddiwell. Adapated from: Benjamin, H.R.W., Saber-tooth Curriculum, Including Other. Lectures in the History of Paleolithic Education, McGraw-Hill, ...

  2. The Saber-Tooth Curriculum by J. Abner Peddiwell - Reviews ...


     Rating: 3.8 - 52 votes
    The Saber-Tooth Curriculum has 52 ratings and 15 reviews. Bria said: Since the parody was so thinly veiled, I assumed every aspect of it had a specific a...

  3. Harold R. W. Benjamin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    The Saber Tooth Curriculum was written by Benjamin in a pseudo name of JAbner Peddiwell. Published in 1939, The Saber Tooth Curriculum is satirical ...

    The first link goes to a short summary of the book in PDF format.

    For people who just don't want to click, here are some delightful summaries of the story:

    A delightful tale.    

    There is hope in Florida.  It will soon be possible for a student to get a high school diploma without taking Algebra 2.  

    In other words, the concept of "transformation" is scary.  It's more thorough than "tweak" or "reform" or "new procedures."  The entire structure of a building is called into question.  Do we need a building?  What if we could deliver more of the curriculum through TV or audio files sent to the home?  Hmmm.

    See Dr. Fischler's blog to review some of these ideas...  abe.thestudentistheclass.com or Transform-Education.com

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