Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What does Dan Pink recommend for school work and homework? What do students say about "FedEx Day"? "Give students a chance to learn what they want to learn"

Dan Pink has some suggestions for schools in his book Drive (about motivation).
"Give students a chance to learn what they want to learn."

The classroom is in West Palm Beach, Florida, at 
Oxbridge Academy has a post where the recommendations are highlighted.

The "20% day" is captured in a poster on a wall in the classroom (shown in this video).   What does the student have to say about the recommendation?

Many thanks to the volunteer in this video
The poster has a link to Dan Pink's website and a recommendation to look for the Flip Manifesto, the free Ebook that Dan Pink once offered on his site in exchange for signing up for his email updates (useful tips).   Now the ebook that is offered is the introduction to the book To Sell Is Human 

I've seen the introduction, I've read the book and it helped me as a teacher see that "always be closing" (the ABCs that kept me away from ever calling myself a salesman) can be updated... to A, buoyancy and clarity.  Learn more by going to and sign up for the newsletter... and get the introduction to Dan Pink's latest book.

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