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A message to and for Substitute Teachers: What should I show students? (A request to "traditional teachers": What do you want us substitute teachers to show to your students?)

Robert Ballard
and Noah's flood

What should I show my students?

Ballard and Noah's Flood

 Genesis tells how “God saw that the wickedness of man was great” and decided to destroy all of creation. Only Noah, “who found grace in the eyes of the Lord,” his family, and the animals aboard the ark survived to repopulate the planet.
• Older than Genesis is the Babylonian epic of Gilgamesh, a king who embarked on a journey to find the secret of immortality. Along the way, he met Utnapishtim, survivor of a great flood sent by the gods. Warned by Enki, the water god, Utnapishtim built a boat and saved his family and friends, along with artisans, animals, and precious metals.

Columbia University geologists William Ryan and Walter Pitman wondered what could explain the preponderance of flood legends. Their theory: As the Ice Age ended and glaciers melted, a wall of seawater surged from the Mediterranean into the Black Sea.

• During the Ice Age, Ryan and Pitman argue, the Black Sea was an isolated freshwater lakesurrounded by farmland.

Should I do pushups in front of the students?   Should I challenge some of them to show their strength?  Should I get them into an attitude of "comfortable with being uncomfortable"?

These thoughts come from "how do we treat polar bears in zoos?"
 Their meals include mackerel, chicken, beef, horsemeat, and what the keepers refer to as “bear chow”. Every day the keepers encourage Gus and Ida to hunt for their food by hiding fish in frozen blocks, inside toys or in the rock crevices of their habitat. This stimulation keeps Gus and Ida active and healthy.
Do we put the "fish" (information) in an interesting box that is fun (and a challenge or frustrating) for the students to find?

Here is a short list 

Traveler IQ Challenge -- a clever way of showing information about geography, culture and some elements of history.   GO ahead, try it

QUIA  Put The Odyssey in Order
Middle School Hub

Quiz Hub

Quiz Hub: Educational Quiz Games (iPad Compatible)
Quiz Hub
Quiz Hub ... Game Multiplication Facts: Practice Elementary: U.S. Map Game Geography: States & Capitals Middle School Math: Algebra English:

National Geographic Explorer 
These quizzes are challenging.. study Tang and Ming dynasties to prepare for this test
Today's GeoBee Quiz - National Geographic
    National Geographic
    Play the GeoBee Challenge game and test your geography IQ with daily trivia questions from the National Geographic Bee. Plus: See how you stack up against ...
  • Animal Quizzes - National Geographic
    National Geographic
    Test your animal knowledge with quizzes from National Geographic.
  • Travel Quizzes -- National Geographic
    National Geographic
    Quizzes on countries, cities, and parks from National Geographic.
  • National Parks Quiz -- National Geographic
    National Geographic
    See how much you know about the U.S. National Park System with this trivia quiz fromNational Geographic.
  • Puzzles & Quizzes -- National Geographic Kids
    National Geographic
    Bend your brain with these fun puzzles and quizzes from National Geographic Kids magazine.
  • Robert Ballard and "Noah's flood" and the Black sea   national geographic (put those search terms and see what comes out)

  • National GeographicNoah's Flood/Black Sea Expedition

    National Geographic
    Marine explorer Robert (BobBallard discovers proof of a flood of biblical proportions and finds ancient Roman shipwrecks in the Black Sea.
  • Black Sea Mysteries @

    National Geographic
    Explore the depths of the Black Sea for evidence of Noah's flood with this downloadable map and find out what Bob Ballard discovered.
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  • Now that you have seen these topics, what should I show your students?   

    Here are some videos related to Dan Heath
    (I composed a blog post about screenshots from Dan Heath's work)
    Dan Heath (here)  for fun to practice basic multiplication

    Tokyo Subway Rush Hour

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